Car Insurance And Workers Comp Cover Acupuncture

Trauma acupuncture

Trauma acupuncture is the treatment for post-traumatic syndrome and pain control required after severe injuries.  Acupuncture has recently attracted a lot of limelight. Many people have used this alternative treatment to manage their injuries and illnesses. Acupuncture has proven very useful, particularly for treating trauma and injuries from accidents. Trauma acupuncture treatment can not only be effective and safe but is also significantly more affordable. Pumping your body with medications can often lead to adverse effects, making injuries and illnesses even more complicated.

Had an accident or an injury at work? You’ll be pleased to know that Workers comp acupuncture is available and becoming increasingly accessible.

Acupuncture for injuries


What Is Acupuncture?

This Chinese technique has been practiced for thousands of years. It is believed that acupuncture can access the ‘qi’ or energy of your body, which flows through 12 channels called the ‘meridians.’ These meridians represent functions and organs of your body, and you’ll suffer from diseases and illnesses when there is a disruption in the flow.

An acupuncturist places very thin needles in specific points of your body, stimulating and releasing the ‘qi’ and allowing it to flow along these meridians harmoniously and maintaining ideal balance in your body. Current symptoms can be alleviated, and acupuncture can prevent future illnesses.


Trauma acupuncture

Western medicine suggests that acupuncture stimulates the nerves that send signals to your brain, releasing neural hormones. If you recently had an accident or suffered injuries, Acupuncture for injuries can be very beneficial.

Depending on your symptoms, it can take multiple sessions to see results. The chances of side effects are also minimal or non-existent in the hands of a qualified practitioner.

What is the effectiveness of Acupuncture for injuries?

Almost everyone experiences injuries, and it can take time to recover fully. Trauma acupuncture treatment can lessen the swelling and pain from an acute sprain in minutes, allowing you to heal and recover quickly. Acupuncture is also fantastic complementary medicine, and we know how beneficial acupuncture can be after a car accident. Acupuncture can benefit even more severe grade 2 and 3 sprains involving real ligament trauma. If you have sprains, you must seek treatment as soon as possible.

Trauma acupuncture has also garnered a considerable fan base with sportspersons. Acupuncture is beneficial for both acute and chronic problems. If you’ve suffered from trauma while playing sports, such as an ankle sprain or an ACL tear, acupuncture can be very beneficial. At times, herbs and acupuncture may also be used as complementary medicine. Acupuncturists also use tools to encourage mobility in joints and tissues and increase blood flow. Acupuncture for injuries is an excellent option for recovering quickly.

Even for injuries from car accidents, this alternative technique has shown promising results. Back and neck pain, often related to whiplash, is the most common injury related to car accidents. These injuries are often the result of inflamed tissue, and acupuncture after a car accident can lessen this inflammation by increasing circulation, improving blood flow, and releasing endorphins which act like natural painkillers linked with your neuroendocrine system.

Is Trauma Acupuncture Painful?

Since acupuncture utilizes needles, you might shy away from the treatment. However, the needles used during an acupuncture session are so thin that you might not even feel them penetrating your skin. People usually report experiencing a tingling sensation which only suggests that the specific acupuncture point works. At the same time, some others may experience a sensation of heaviness at the insertion point. Trauma acupuncture treatment is pain-free, and results can often be outstanding. In some patients with chronic conditions, acupuncture can offer results even when conventional approaches fail.

Does Trauma Acupuncture Risky?

As with all treatments and therapies, acupuncture for injuries also possesses certain risks, such as:

  • A collapsed lung is possible if inserted deeply into your upper back or chest. However, this is not happening when a highly professional acupuncturist works and is extremely rare, even if the acupuncturist is not the best.
  • Theoretically, a needle can break off and traumatize an internal organ; however, it never happened in our practice, which is about 40 years old.
  • Unsterilized needles can cause infections. We use only disposable needles, and our acupuncturist opens the new pack of needles in front of patients.
  • Soreness, bleeding, and bruising can occur at insertion points. This is normal for acupuncture and, in most cases, means that the procedure was performed correctly.
  • If you’re taking blood thinners or has a bleeding disorder, tell your acupuncturist, but this is not a show stopper. Acupuncture will never cause significant bleeding, mainly if performed by a professional

The Risks or adverse effects of acupuncture are extremely rare and significantly safer, especially compared to conventional treatments and medicines. Predominantly, risks occur if the acupuncturists are careless or not adequately trained. You must seek a qualified and experienced acupuncturist for your treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Worker’s Comp Acupuncture and Acupuncture After a Car Accident?

Acupuncture after car accident

Yes, many insurance companies offer coverage for acupuncture after a car accident and for acupuncture workers comp. They also cover many related services provided by an acupuncturist. To find out if your insurance company covers acupuncture during recovery from a car accident, you can call your insurance provider’s benefits line or patient information. You can find this number on your insurance card.

Acupuncture covered by insurance

Suppose your insurance does cover acupuncture after a car accident. In that case, you must ask specific questions, such as how many sessions are covered, what conditions are covered for acupuncture, what your deductible will be, etc. You can also look for an insurance company that covers acupuncture.

Do Workers Comp Acupuncture Covered by Insurance?

Your worker’s compensation insurance will cover the medical expenses if you’re injured or get sick while working. Acupuncture workers comp is increasingly becoming mainstream and can be covered if necessary for your trauma. Especially if you require pain relief treatment or have allergies to medications, there’s a considerable possibility that workers comp can be provided for acupuncture.

Trauma Acupuncture for Workers compensation patients

However, every state maintains different guidelines and regulations for approving medical expenses associated with your worker’s compensation claims in general and workers comp acupuncture in particular. If you want to try Acupuncture for trauma, make sure that you consult your employer-recommended doctor about your concerns.

Trauma Acupuncture Conclusion

Acupuncture is a holistic treatment that can provide tremendous relief safely and delicately. Trauma acupuncture treatment can be an effective and viable option if you’ve suffered a work-related injury or a car accident. Generally, it is also covered by insurance and workers comp so that you can talk to your providers about your acupuncture requirements. If you’re not seeing results from conventional methods or is allergic to certain medications and pain relievers, alternative methods like trauma acupuncture can provide fantastic results.

At the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic, David Wu, LAc, master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, works with patients injured in different work or driving-related accidents. We accept insurance coverage with no co-payments or out-of-pocket expenses.

David Wu


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