Cupping for Detoxification

Cupping for Detoxification Therapy by Dr. Tsan

Why cupping for detoxification? All in the bid to make the body rest, the body is provided with essential nutrients it needs, and this process is known as detoxification in which the body is cleansed of impurities present in the blood such as toxins. The impurities find their way out of the liver kidneys, lymph, intestines, and the skin. It is interesting to know that cupping therapy for detoxification is an effective way to speed up the detoxification process in the body system.

Based on the general qi or chi TCM’s (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, cupping simply to ensure a free flow of energy around the body organs by removing every form of blockage to this free circulation. These blockages can be as a result of sickness or injuries, and the prolonged existence of this lack or inadequate flow of energy in the body which also comes with poor circulation of blood in the affected parts leads to accumulation of impurities. These impurities can include pathogens, dead blood cells, lymph and toxins of which if not expelled out of the body on time, it can cause grievous complication to the body system. To get rid of these dangerous substances from the body, a detoxification must take place, and the effective way to do this is by using cupping for detoxification.

How Cupping Detoxify the Body

Cupping for detoxification is done with the help of specially designed cups made of either glass or silicon of various sizes. The cups are customized for specific parts of the body and impurities are sucked, using pressure pump, from the deep tissues of the body to the surface of the skin which is characterized by a change in skin colors in the cupped areas. As these impurities are sucked to the surface leading to a free flow of fresh energy and blood flows to the blocked areas of the body ultimately making the body is rejuvenated. The fresh movement of blood eventually helps carry away these impurities, and they are naturally expelled through the liver, kidney, skin, intestines and lungs.

The Significance of The Body Marks after cupping for detoxification

Circular coloration marks are left behind after cupping for detoxification therapy is carried out on a particular spot of the body. This is as a result of the breakage of capillaries under the skin which releases the toxin forming the coloration that is noticed on the skin surface. The color formation determines the state of the body and shows how healthy it is. The noticeable color change will determine if there is going to be a need of additional cupping session to get rid of more impurities. Noticeable color change can range from pink color, that last for a few hours, to a deep purple coloration that can last from days to weeks depending on the severity of the health condition of an individual.

What Color Left Behind Means to Your Health

A study shows that the darker the colors of a cupped area of the skin, the more the severity of impurities present and stagnant in the body. A lighter color represents a Cupping for Detoxificationhealthier body. Another fact is that people who sweat a lot such as athletes’ seldom have deep colored marks after cupping therapy. On the other hand, individuals who are exposed to a high proportion of toxins in their working environment do have a darker cupping coloration and marks. How long these marks will disappear on the skin depend on how well blood in the body circulates. Also, the therapist determines if the body is free of these impurities and when there are signs of uncleared impurities, a repeated cupping therapy for detoxification is done to achieve a successful detoxification of the body system.

To help the body to speed up detoxification process, you need light meals, and a balanced diet is recommended before, during and after cupping for detoxification therapy is done. Taking of water also helps in a great way but the avoidance of alcohol and caffeine is necessary and these guarantees the rest the body need.

If you undergo cupping for detoxification at the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic our Medical Director, Dr. Victor Tsan will advise you on what is best for you and the number of sessions you need. Remember your body shows a sign of clarity when the color of the cupped skin is light. A darker skin shows an unhealthy body that needs more cupping for detoxification therapy.