Acupuncture for recovery from COVID

Acupuncture for recovery from COVID

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Acupuncture for recovery from COVID was introduced lately and it appeared to be effective and safe. While currently, there are no known medicines or therapies that can cure Coronavirus-2019, which is extremely contagious (especially Omicron) and can be life-threatening in rare severe cases, medical scientists all over the world are looking for a safe approach during a recovery phase. Therefore, the search for potentially effective methods of treatment of COVID and recovery from COVID is an urgent task.

Acupuncture for COVID patients.

An aged female at Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan, China, with a severe form of coronavirus and significant dyspnea also known as shortness of breath and diminished peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2), was cured with Traditional Chinese Medicine that included a special protocol of Acupuncture for recovery from COVID, the Fuzheng Rescue Lung with Xuebijing Injection, and Chinese herbal medicine pellet formula in addition to standard care.

Acupuncture for COVID

Patient respiratory rate, SpO2, heart rate, neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio (NLR), monocyte/lymphocyte ratio (MLR), C-reactive protein (CRP), and chest computed tomography were monitored. Acupuncture for recovery from COVID significantly improved the patient’s respiratory function, increased SpO2, and reduced heart rate. Chinese herbal medicine could make the effect of Acupuncture for recovery from COVID more stable; the use of herbal medicine also appeared to accelerate the absorption of lung infection lesions when its dosage was increased. The mixture of sessions of Acupuncture for recovery from COVID and medicinal herbs decreased the NLR from 14.14 to 5.83, the MLR from 1.15 to 0.33, and the CRP from 15.25 to 6.01 mg / L. These findings show that Acupuncture for recovery from COVID and Chinese herbal medicine, as adjuvants to traditional treatment, could accomplish better results in handling severe cases of COVID-19.

The Chinese model of fighting against COVID-19

The 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak was announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 12, 2020. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has infected much of the world’s population, causing mass disease, hospitalization, and death. Up till now, there are no medications to heal this highly contagious disease; therefore, the hunt for prospective cures is an urgent project. In its report, the WHO China joint mission highly praised the non-pharmacological measures of the “Chinese model” in the fight against COVID-19. Though traditional Chinese medicine and its herbal component have been mentioned for the management of COVID-19, Acupuncture for recovery from COVID and moxibustion have been recommended for use in its recovery and rehabilitation stages. The result of Acupuncture for recovery from COVID treatment protocol, along with the use of medicinal herbs to treat COVID-19 patients in the acute phase, has yet to be extensively described.

Long-haul symptoms of COVID-19

The scientifically researched and very common symptom of COVID-19 is loss of taste and smell. According to the Journal of Internal Medicine, on average, patients recover these feelings within 21.6 days after testing positive, while others reported 60 days. There were even patients who cope with these symptoms for much longer.

Flagstaff Business News published an article discussing the effects of acupuncture on the loss of taste and smell in those who have had COVID-19 infection.

Acupuncture for recovery from COVID in Philadelphia

Medical doctor Victor Tsan, who has been practicing acupuncture since 1979 has contributed to this recent discovery. While leading Philadelphia Holistic Clinic, Dr. Tsan treated many people with symptoms such as sinus congestion, allergies, and headaches.

“Recently, when I was treating this condition during the pandemic, over the past six months I have had several patients with loss of smell and taste after COVID,” said Tsan.

Dr. David S. Fleischer @ Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

“Acupuncture works really well to open up the nasal passages, boost the immune system, open up the lungs and improve breathing,” Tsan said. “I did some research and found a number of acupuncture points that improve taste and smell.”

Medical discussions regarding Acupuncture for recovery from COVID

The Acupuncture for recovery from COVID involves fine needles stuck into specific points on the skin and then moved in specific directions, either manually by an acupuncturist or by electric stimulation. Based on the same Johns Hopkins publication, this process should be painless, but misplaced needles during treatment can cause some minor discomfort.

Persistent symptoms from COVID are

  • fatigue,
  • body aches,
  • joint pains, as well as
  • menstrual and hormonal problems.

The director of infectious disease research at the Translational Genomics Research Institute, David Engelthaler, said that the lack of formally tested research and solid scientific evidence does not necessarily mean that acupuncture treatment is ineffective at restoring taste and smell – but he would like to see more studies.

Corona Virus

“Hopefully, carefully controlled clinical trials can be conducted to fully evaluate the usefulness of acupuncture, but by then there are likely to be limited negative effects for those who attempt it as a therapeutic approach,” said Engelthaler. “The good news is that the vast majority of patients who show loss of taste and smell during COVID infection will regain these senses over time.”

Be aware that there are many supportive and preventative treatments available to strengthen your immune system and reduce the severity of your COVID infection, such as higher doses of vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc. Strongly consider Acupuncture for recovery from COVID to strengthen the qi of the lungs, strengthen the immune system, and promote healing. It is a viable option for people suffering from post-COVID symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, and loss of taste and smell that continue to persist.

Looking for acupuncture for recovery from COVID?

Philadelphia Holistic Clinic and its subdivision Philadelphia Acupuncture Treatment is located in the heart of the Northeast region of the City of Brotherly Love. If you overcome COVID but still experience some long-haul symptoms, such as loss of smell, coughing, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, etc. contact us to schedule an appointment for evaluation and treatment.