Cupping for Back Pain

Back pain and healing approaches

Cupping for back pain is one of the most demanding treatments for people with muscular pain, connecting tissues inflammation, spinal problems, pinch nerves, and radiculopathies. In the today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle, stress is so popular an ailment and studies have shown that many times this is back pain related. Cupping for back pain is a Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM technique that has been for many years and proven to be effective in treating this symptom.

One of the leading causes of pain that cupping helps to alleviate is pain from muscle pull injuries. Muscle pull come with energy remain stagnate in certain parts of the body and cupping can assist in releasing these energy caused by blockages. This brings a complete relaxation in the affected troubled areas. When muscle fails to relax due to trigger points, the muscle cells get dehydrated making the muscle rigid and painful. The hydration of muscle cells is responsible for the elasticity of the muscle.

A muscle will always cause pain at points where it is attached to if it is always tight or stretched. The tight muscle around the lower back can cause mechanic pain. When this cycle of tight muscles goes on very often, severe pain will be a common experience. Cupping corrects these anomalies by efficiently and accurately nipping the trigger points.

How Cupping for back pain works

Cupping for back pain is a mechanical way of creating a vacuum on the skin and drawing the soft muscle of the skin into the cup. This suction effect is achieved by the use of a pump to suck the air out of Cupping for back painthe cup or by burning the oxygen within the cup, creating the vacuum pull effect on the skin. The burning of oxygen is achieved by boiling the glass cup to high temperature or by burning an object inside the cup. The heated cup is immediately placed to suck the pressure point that needs cupping.

What the cupping process does is that it draws the soft part of the skin by effectively stretching the muscles beneath. The stretching in a micro proportion lengthens the tissue back to its resting state which has been shrinking due to the pain experienced. Also, cupping helps relax the muscle by releasing tight trigger points of the muscle. The trigger points easily get bound up and cupping help get these points relaxed.

Qi stagnation

Qi stagnation in TCM is regarded as the inability of energy to flow well, and cupping reduces this blockage in the meridians. Cups are positioned at acupuncture pressure points to draw blocked Qi to free the flow of energy in that part of the body. The freeing up of energy using cupping technique is very effective with amazing results.

Cupping comes with some bruises which tell the health state of the entire body. The color of the bruises left behind after a cupping procedure depicts certain facts about the body:

Dark purple bruises that remain on the skin for a couple of days is a sign of major muscle injury that has happened for a long duration or caused by trauma.

Effects of Cupping for back pain On Your Back

Cupping affects you back by freeing up the four major meridians that run on both sides of you back, allowing their nourishment by the free flow of energy. When any of these meridians is not well nourished with energy flow, it becomes a troubled area causing pain. Cupping essentially frees every meridian keeping them ever healthy.

Apart from the ease of pain cupping brings to the body, it also affects the major part of the body such as kidney, lungs, liver, spleen, liver and the heart. This happens when cupping is done along the bladder meridian.

When Cupping Is Best Applied

Cupping for back pain is not the best approach for all situation, and this calls for the help of a trained, certified personnel to seek advice on the best treatment for your back pain and to get the best result.

Cupping is not suitable within the first 48 hours of an injury. This injury is still fresh with open wounds and sometimes accompanied with a bleeding disorder. Applying cupping when it not yet needed can worsen a person’s case, and that is why we provide you with the best advisory service and complete combination therapy that can suit your body need.

Finally, cupping is an essential technique we provide you with to release your tight might muscles, rehydrating the cells of your muscle all through the free flow of energy in your entire body.

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