Why is TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) trusted by the US Air Force?



TCM, also known as traditional Chinese medicine, is becoming increasingly popular. The world has come to acknowledge TCM as a treasure of Chinese civilization. Even a US fighter jet wing stationed in Florida was shown practicing TCM in a recent internet video to “keep fit and maintain combat capabilities.” Many Chinese internet users were intrigued and questioned why such a sizable US military unit would settle for employing tiny acupuncture needles. Traditional Chinese culture can still bind the people of the two nations together despite the US’ “decoupling” agenda. While it gave many Chinese a sense of pride in their ages-old knowledge, it also served as a warning to those who dismissed it. 

Using massage, cupping, and even gua-sha, or scrape therapy, a US doctor attends to Airmen in the Facebook video with the following subtitles: “Let our most vital force keep fit to retain fighting power…” The participants underwent various TCM treatments to help treat acute discomfort and relieve pressure. 

TCM and Politics

“Shouldn’t the US military adhere to political correctness?” “Aren’t they worried that acupuncture and cupping will kill the US Airmen?”

These were only a few of the remarks made by internet users in light of the US’ ongoing hostility toward China. Of course, many online users expressed pride in China’s ancient knowledge, with some saying things like, “This is the best proof of the effectiveness of TCM as used by the US.”

History of TCM

The Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor is a historical marker for the more than 2,000-year existence of traditional Chinese medicine. According to TMC, a symptom is never addressed from a single perspective but rather from many different ones because all of the human body’s organs are interconnected and created to exist in harmony. The therapeutic tenets emphasize managing the yin-yang balance, boosting the body’s defenses, and eliminating pathogens. TCM includes treatments including herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, cupping, qigong, and a healthy diet to assist the body in healing.

TCM in the modern world.

Nouvelles d’Europe claims that the World Health Organization first incorporated TCM into its highly effective medical program in 2018. This demonstrates that TCM can complement Western medicine and be an effective medical treatment.

TCM has been used as an adjunct to Western medicine in contemporary China. Even though it has a much longer history than Western medicine, China has only developed Western medicine for about 200 years. TCM has gained more youth acceptance recently, demonstrating China’s cultural confidence. TCM assisted in disease prevention even during the epidemic with treatments like “lung-clearing and detoxifying granules.” However, some Chinese continue to disregard the efficacy of their traditional treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in the USA

But as TCM has been gradually legalized in the US, its popularity has grown. Despite having the best modern medicine in the world, the US has not fully resolved the following two issues: The first is a high rate of misdiagnosis and drug misuse, and the second is a dearth of efficient treatments for several chronic and challenging conditions. As a result, it promotes using TCM treatments, particularly acupuncture. There are more than 8,000 TCM clinics and 60,000 acupuncturists in the US today, said US acupuncturist Frank Griffo, a former American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine member in San Francisco. Due to its safety as a therapy option, TCM is taking on a greater significance in its healthcare system. So it may be simple to see why the US Air Force has also picked TCM to maintain military fitness.

Advantageously, TCM and its philosophical ideas can bridge political divides and bring together people from various sectors, including the military, given that some US politicians have advocated a “decoupling” policy toward the Chinese economy and technology. To entirely “decouple” from China on the US side would be utopian thinking, given that the globe is a shared community. Additionally, even though many online users were astounded by the influence of their traditional culture, some detractors should realize that TCM is an essential aspect of Chinese culture that should be preserved.

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