Acupuncture for Thyroid Disorders – The Alternative Treatment Choice

Natural treatment for thyroid problems.

Natural treatment for thyroid problems is always a challenge due to the important role of the thyroid gland in the human body. Since natural treatment for thyroid problems is effective and safe, it is popular and highly demanded. Thyroid problems are common hormonal imbalance disorders, and they mainly affect women, but that doesn’t mean that men are not vulnerable to the ailment.

According to a survey, patients with different thyroid diseases prefer using natural remedies for the thyroid rather than hormone replacement therapy.

Thyroid problems: causes and symptoms

The thyroid gland is small, similar to a butterfly, and situated in the lower part of the neck. It makes two hormones, thyroxine and triiodothyronine, that are secreted into the blood to control the body’s metabolism.

Causes of thyroid problems vary in hypothyroid and hyperthyroid.

Causes of hypothyroidism are loss of tissue, present from birth, anti-thyroid antibodies due to some medications, and some defects caused in the production of thyroid hormone.

Causes of hyperthyroidism are grave disease, toxic multinodular goiter induction of some drugs, pituitary adenoma, and thyroiditis.

The symptoms of thyroid disease vary according to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. The symptoms are different in infants, children, and adults. Some of its common symptoms are poor growth, fatigue, nervousness, excessive tiredness, poor tolerance to cold as well as hot temperatures, constipation, weight gain in hypothyroidism and weight loss in hyperthyroidism, depression, puffiness around the eyes, and lack of or irregular menstrual periods. Also, it leads to worsening intellectual ability.

The use of natural remedies for thyroid problems.

Natural treatment for thyroid problems is very effective for both hyperfunction and hypofunction of the gland. It has also been proven to cause no side effects.

The aim of natural remedies for thyroid problems is to treat thyroid diseases at their core rather than substitute the lack of internal hormones with their synthetic analogs. Thyroid problems can develop as a result of:

  • Poor diet
  • Stress
  • Deficiency of microelements and other nutrients

You can improve your thyroid condition by improving your lifestyle, dieting, and taking herbal supplements. These alternatives to thyroid medications have fewer side effects. Also, for those who aren’t reacting well to drugs, choosing natural remedies for thyroid problems to help with low or underactive thyroid can be beneficial. Listed below are natural remedies for thyroid problem

Go gluten-free.

Diet is one of the biggest factors in managing thyroid problems, and many patients see a big improvement in hypothyroidism symptoms after going gluten-free.

Gluten-sensitive people are significantly more likely to develop thyroid issues, possibly because gluten can damage the gut lining, interfere with hormones, and cause inflammation that reaches the thyroid. Gluten is also processed with bromide, displacing iodine, a key mineral needed to balance the thyroid.

If you have a thyroid problem, try going gluten-free and see how you feel. You may notice a significant decrease in your symptoms.

Herbs for the thyroid: an effective home-based natural treatment for thyroid problems

Herbs for the thyroid is another natural treatment for thyroid problems that effectively reduces the symptoms. Listed below are herbs for thyroid problems


  • The other name for this is bladderwrack. It is a type of seaweed that is a good source of iodine. This mineral is very important for the thyroid. It helps the gland produce the right amounts of hormones and also helps prevent goiter disease. Eating natural kelp will be very helpful, but supplements will work perfectly. Most thyroid supplements have kelp in their ingredients.


  • This is another herb for the thyroid that helps regenerate a healthy thyroid. It cures some symptoms of thyroid disease,, like irritability, and is very helpful for the nerves in our body.


  • You might notice this herbal ingredient in most thyroid supplements. It is because flaxseed has good amounts of healthy fat. The body also needs fats, but only healthy oils can be taken. Flaxseed oil is one of the best fats for the thyroid.


  • You may think that this herb is just a common cooking ingredient. But it is actually a very important herb for the thyroid. Parsley helps boost the energy in the immune system, which prevents us from being weak. The nutrients that parsley contains are also good for thyroid health.


  • This herb is also an antioxidant. It works directly with the thyroid to help it produce the proper amounts of hormones.

You can take these recommended herbs for thyroid health together with your prescribed medicines. That will make the healing a lot quicker. The condition of the thyroid should not be taken for granted. So, during the first signs of thyroid complications, you can always start taking recommended herbs for thyroid health.

Homeopathy for thyroid – the #1 natural treatment for thyroid problems

Homeopathy for the thyroid is one of the only natural treatments for thyroid problems that causes no side effects. Listed below are homeopathic remedies for thyroid

Calcarea Carbonicum:

  • This remedy has been prepared from the middle layer of the oyster shell. It is one of the commonly used remedies for Hypothyroidism, Arthritis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Colds, Constipation, Nasal polyps, Otitis media, Phobic disorder, Premenstrual syndrome, Seizure disorder, Systemic lupus, Tonsillitis, Uterine fibroid, etc.


  • This homeopathy for thyroid is prepared from the dried thyroid gland of a sheep or calf. It is a polychrest remedy with a very wide sphere of action. It influences all the systems of the body, especially the hormonal organs, skin, reproductive organs, respiratory system, locomotor system, etc. Patients requiring this remedy have a tendency to obesity. They usually have dry and impoverished skin. It is a very good homeopathic medicine for thyroid disorders, Menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, and amenorrhea.

Kali Carbonicum

  • Kali Carbonicum positively influences the hormonal system, lungs, digestive system, heart, liver, kidney, female reproductive system, skin, etc. Kali Carbonicum shows good results in cases of asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, hydrothorax, etc. It is one of the most commonly used homeopathic medicines for thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism, vitiligo, warts, eczema, urticaria, hair loss, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, low backache, heavy menstrual bleeding, etc. It is also useful for complaints of the digestive system like acidity, piles, jaundice, gastritis, etc.

Acupuncture: an ancient Chinese natural treatment for thyroid problems

Acupuncture for thyroid problems is another way to potentially help balance thyroid hormones. Recent research published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine found that people with thyroid dysfunction saw significant improvements in their thyroid hormone markers after regularly receiving acupuncture. As a bonus, acupuncture is a wonderful way to relax. It can relieve muscle tension and anxiety, both of which are common in hypothyroidism.

Acupuncture for thyroid disorders

Acupuncture for thyroid disorders is a treatment method that is based on Oriental medical philosophy and 5 elements theory.

Acupuncture for thyroid disorders is common in China. In fact, Chinese medicine for thyroid problems began over 4500 years ago, and it’s seen as a complete medical solution for other diseases. Acupuncture is also good in preventing disease and improving well-being. Perhaps you’re wondering if thyroid acupuncture disorders are actually effective. This treatment is based on the premise that energy normally circulates along well-defined pathways in the body. It’s believed that the outcome is usually illness or pain when these pathways are blocked. Therefore, some tiny needles are used to correct these problems. Those tiny needles are inserted along specific pathways to restore a balanced circulation of energy in the body. This is how acupuncture for thyroid disorders works.

The thyroid is the endocrine gland found in every human, and it’s identified by its butterfly-shaped shape. This gland produces the hormones TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), T3, T4, and Calcitonin. These hormones are responsible for controlling various metabolic processes and producing energy in the human body.

Acupuncture for Thyroid Disorders

Acupuncture for thyroid diseases – alternative treatment choice

The available and popular Western medical treatments for thyroid disorders are often deemed inadequate because of the challenge of regulating the level of thyroid hormones through the use of drugs or an exogenous source of thyroid hormone. Acupuncture for thyroid problems is found to be effective in the treatment of these gland dysfunctions. Acupuncture for thyroid diseases, unlike other medical therapies that often give patients partial relief of the symptoms, is completely safe. Also, when it’s not too late,, Acupuncture for thyroid disorders cures the disorder completely. People suffering from hyperthyroidism often have to deal with hypothyroid conditions following medical damage to the thyroid gland.

The popularity of Acupuncture for thyroid problems in the world

Acupuncture is endorsed by WHO (World Health Organization) and recommended for some diseases. One of the recommended uses of this method is Thyroid acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment for thyroid problems is more helpful when needles are heated before insertion. This procedure is also good for some other health conditions that acupuncture can help. The acupuncturist may use a technique called moxibustion, which involves lighting a small bunch of dried herbs and holding them above the needles when starting acupuncture for thyroid treatment. The herb burns slowly but never directly touches the body during the process.

Over the years, Acupuncture for thyroid disorders has been recognized as very helpful and highly effective.  There is no doubt that acupuncture is an excellent therapy for people suffering from thyroid disorders. Many studies backed the suggestion that acupuncture, as one of the traditional Chinese therapies, can be very helpful in the treatment of hypothyroidism.


Women are more prone to thyroid disorders than men, and acupuncture for thyroid disorders is particularly useful for women who are suffering from this condition. It’s imperative that, if you have this health condition, you examine for yourself how acupuncture treatment can help you get over this disorder quickly. If left untreated, thyroid disorders can be dangerous and may lead to other serious health conditions. No doubt, acupuncture for thyroid disorders is effective, and it’s highly recommended for those suffering from this gland’s disorders. Acupuncture for thyroid will help correct the imbalance in the energy pathways and restore you to normal health.

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