Acupuncture for neurological diseases

Acupuncture for the nervous system

Acupuncture for nervous system disorders is one of the most demanded treatments today. From ancient times, our gurus and sadhus have focused on the breath as the solution to all problems in the body. Breath is a way through which air enters our body. This air reaches every tissue of our organism, so if we breathe fresh and clean air, we will be away from any medication and treatment. Due to the advancement of technology, we cannot escape living in a polluted environment. Acupuncture for nervous systemAs a result of which, we are facing a lot many respiratory disorders every day. The quantity of asthmatic and allergic patients in the world is increasing day by day.

Our body is a complete unit with many systems like the circulatory, digestive, excretory, nervous, and skeleton working in coordination. Although each system has a different role, they are so connected that any impairment in one system can affect the working of the others. Among all the systems circulation system has a significant role as it helps in providing all the nutrients and oxygen to each cell of the body. This only takes the pure blood to the tissues and carries away harmful toxins and accumulated waste from the body. If this system is disrupted, the whole body gets affected.
Very important that the circulation system, as well as all other systems in the body, is controlled by the nervous system, and that’s why many medical conditions logically connected to the circulation, digestion, or other systems in reality caused by the nervous system instability.

Many neurological conditions can be treated with acupuncture for nervous diseases.

Often, holistic treatment for neurological conditions appears more effective than traditional treatment. 

Despite the prevalence of numerous neurological disorders, few available medications can cure them. As a result, many patients seek complementary and alternative therapies (CAM). The use of specific, evidence-based CAM therapies for dementia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and migraine prevention and treatment are discussed. Numerous techniques, such as diet, exercise, mind-body medicine, vitamins, and acupuncture, are increasingly supported by research.

Acupuncture for the nervous system and Qi energy flow.

Acupuncture for nervous system disorders

Acupuncture for nervous system disorders treatment provides an easy way to repair this system and is secondary to the whole organism. According to its principle, the body has a network of channels that carry energy all along the body in the form of Qi. These energy channels are termed meridians. Any imbalance in the chi distribution is the main reason for body illness and disorders. These imbalances can be due to physical imbalances, emotional disturbances, and poor diet. With acupuncture, needles are inserted in meridian points to direct the flow of Qi to the most required body areas. With this, blockages are removed, and circulation is increased, solving all the other problems.
Poor circulation of Qi energy in meridians can result in various problems ranging from cold hands and feet to hardening arteries and hypertension. Multiple studies have been performed to know the role of acupuncture for circulatory problems. It has been proved that it helps increase the heart’s efficiency and functional capacity. Studies have shown that 80% of angina patients improved after acupuncture treatment. Sometimes the heart undergoes abnormal heartbeats like dropped beats, irregular heart rhythm, and palpitations, which are also corrected by this treatment. Acupuncture for nervous system disorders effectively releases arterial spasms, especially in collateral vessels. It is beneficial in diseases like Reynaud’s disease therapy of ulcers due to venous stasis. Some herbal medicines are also used along with acupuncture for nervous system disorders to detoxify certain compounds in the body.
There are many solutions to these disorders, most involving heavy medication. But besides medicines, some methods do not include drugs and are natural and safe. One of which is the acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture for nervous system disorders treatment is a very ancient process practiced in China and other Asian countries. Acupuncture believes that positive energy always flows through our body. This energy flows along the pathways in the body called meridians. There are many meridians in our body, each of which is specific to certain organs and affects them positively or negatively.
Acupuncture believes that any respiratory disorder, blood circulation, and digestive disorders caused due to disruptions in the energy pathways that are controlled by the nervous system. This process then amends this disruption. The process of acupuncture for nervous system disorders is accomplished by inserting needles into the body parts. These needles are inserted into the specific acupuncture points lying on the meridians.
Acupuncture for nervous system disorders has been proven to be very beneficial as it first finds out the root cause of the problem after that strategy is developed accordingly. This does not include any side effects of traditional medicines. The most common diseases treated by acupuncture for the nervous system are:

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