Esperal Implant for Alcohol addiction

Esperal Implant: one of the treatment approaches for alcohol addiction

Esperal Implant became the most popular approach for alcoholism treatment because Alcohol addiction takes more than self-help and determination to deal with. Patients resort to different methods to halt the physical damage alcohol does to their health. There are many treatment options, including the 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous groups, therapy, antidepressants, and more, but disulfiram/antabuse treatment is one of the most effective approaches available for alcohol addiction. An improvement was made to make disulfiram treatment more effective, leading to implant therapy.

Esperal Implant: The most efficient treatment

One of the best and most efficient implant treatments is the esperal implant, a new technology that has been used in many successful clinical trials. When Esperal is implanted in a patient’s skin, it monitors the alcohol level in the blood. It triggers a routine of cruel discomfort reactions when a predetermined alcohol level in the Esperal Implant Networkblood is detected. This automated process acts as a guard for addicts and leaves them no choice but to stay away from alcohol, as in the case of oral ingestion of disulfiram. The possibility of patients stopping the use of disulfiram in a bid to take more alcohol makes this implant a more effective and efficient therapy for alcohol addiction. When alcohol is ingested into the body, disulfiram is responsible for starting the disulfiram ethanol reaction (DER), which is characterized by spontaneous, severe, and unpleasant reactions in the body.

Why Esperal Implant?

Due to the discomfort that comes with the DER when disulfiram is orally ingested, patients resort to discontinuing the use of the disulfiram pill to avoid these reactions. At the same time, the addition persists through the continuous consumption of alcohol. These challenges inspired the development of the Esperal implant into the muscle.

How the Implant Therapy Works

First developed in Russia in the ’70s with the name TORPEDO, meaning submarine, but later banned due to some side effects, implant therapy later came in the form of a liquid antabuse by the name ENCODE. Physicians and pharmacists later criticized ENCODE because it had some adverse effects on the body. An esperal implant is a microchip that contains a dry form of disulfiram that has no direct contact with the body. The dry powder of disulfiram is only released when the microchips register a distinct increase in the alcohol level in the bloodstream and respond by releasing a microcrystal of highly concentrated disulfiram. This makes the product unique and the best implant option, among others. The unique microchip is registered in the universal database of Esperal Corporation at the point of activation. When turned on, this microchip checks the alcohol level in the blood and remains inactive as long as the ethanol level remains normal. On the contrary, if the level exceeds the predetermined limits, it triggers the dosator, and a single crystal of disulfiram is released into the blood, causing DER spontaneously.

Basic knowledge about Esperal Implant

The microchip implant is efficient and has a lifespan of approximately five years, after which it dissolves into the body. 99% of patients recover using Esperal as a result of it helping their minds weigh the consequences of alcohol intake and the Esperal effect. Patients acknowledge this fact before agreeing to an implant, guaranteeing a high treatment success rate. Esperal effects come in the form of vomiting, vertigo, involuntary urination, palpitation, shortness of breath, and headaches within 40 to 60 seconds after taking alcohol, with the consumer still sober and conscious to analyze the experience. Before a microchip is implanted, a patient must remain sober for 12 to 15 days to clear any trace of alcohol from the body. If a patient cannot stay this long, multiple acupuncture and hypnotherapy procedures will be carried out at additional cost.

Fake or Authentic Esperal Implant

Caution: Due to the popularity of this treatment for alcohol addiction, it has unfortunately attracted many fake medical centers that market counterfeit Esperal or pose as certified centers.

Here are some easy ways to check if a narcologist center that has received certification and approval from the Esperal Corporation is providing you with a genuine implant.

  • Look out for the physician’s certification in his office and ask if you cannot find it.
  • Check the implant package and ensure it is made only in France or Germany. The microchip is inserted into the ampule for needleless injection.
  • Esperal Corporation has no authorized distributors worldwide. It can only be implanted at certified Narcologists’ offices.
  • It cannot be bought with or without a prescription    
  • Products such as Esperal Tablets are fake
  • No surgical procedure is required for implantation
Where can I get an Esperal Implant?

There are not many addiction centers in the USA that provide antabuse implantation services. Esperal Corporation requires medical doctors to take a 90-day class at the Esperal Training Facility in Leon, France, and pass the certification test. Only certified practitioners can order bulk packages of implants directly from the manufacturer. Each implant is preloaded into the Injecs needleless ampoule and ready for insertion.

On the East Coast of the United States of America, this service is provided by Esperal-certified physician Victor Tsan, MD, who is leading an internationally recognized Philadelphia Addiction Center.

Dr. Tsan performs microchip implantation and the NADA Ear Acupuncture procedure for complete detoxification, followed by the clinical hypnotherapy treatment session.

This procedure can be performed at the Passages Malibu Center on the West Coast of the United States.

There are many Esperal offices within the European Union, especially in Baltic Countries and Poland.

Contact the Philadelphia Addiction Center for more information. Alternatively, you can use the widget below to book your appointment for Esperal treatment.