Sports Injuries Acupuncture

Treatment for Sports Injuries

Treatment for Sports Injuries nowadays becomes highly demanded due to an increased number of people involved in workout and sports activities. Acupuncture for sports injuries is the most popular approach among professional athletes. Sports injuries are a nightmare that can hinder performance and in extreme cases end an active sporting career. 

treatment for sports injuries

Sports injuries occur during sports events, regular training and fitness sessions due to various reasons that may include lack of safety apparatus such as equipment and wears and engaging in extreme training techniques due to poor training. Sports injuries may occur and sometimes unavoidable but how bad it gets depends on the attention and treatment given to it. Let us consider the types of injuries that are common.

There are two broad types of injuries

Acute Sports Injuries and acute sports injury treatment

Acute injuries can occur as a result of a single application of force on a particular part of the body. This injury gets the body to respond in the form of swelling, pain, stiffness, and tightening of muscles. These reactions hinder the performance of the sportsperson and must be treated for the body to recover.

Chronic Sports Injuries

The chronic type of sports injury happens over a period as a result of repeated activities and when left unchecked, result in a chronic sports injury. Due to the neglect of possible signs of injury, this type of injury starts gradually by breaking down the energy levels of the body, weakening the body’s innate recovery ability thereby making injury chronic.

How Acupuncture for Sports Injuries helps

Sporting activities put the body under varying degrees of stress, and when the body muscles are stretched beyond the safe limit, the micro tear could occur. When such a tear is not given the needed time to heal and continues to rigorous activities, fatigue, insomnia, pain, and outright injury can take place in the body.

Acupuncture treatment for Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Acupuncture treatments make up for this imbalance by restoring the energy level of the body and maintain such to accelerate the body’s healing process from inside out. Acupuncture for sports injury is adopted and getting increasingly popular among many sports teams due to its quick healing abilities when administered. This treatment that has Chinese origin was developed to stop the pain and to reduce recovery time by restoring internal harmony

Trigger Points

Trigger points are knot-like points in the muscle that transfer pains to other parts of the body. These points can be active or dormant, causing severe pains to athletes that can render them inactive. 

Sports Injuries Acupuncture releases these knots restoring the muscles to function properly. This is achieved by the use of tiny needle tiny needles that are inserted into the muscles to release the trigger point.

It is worthy of note to consult a qualified acupuncturist to administer this treatment to prevent nerve damage, organ perforation, and pneumothorax. Consult therapist trained in Intra Muscular Stimulation or dry needling.

Motor Points

Acupuncture treatment for Sports Injury for the body won’t be complete with just the treatment of the trigger point. The treatment of motor points prevents other complications that can result from the treatment of only trigger points. For a holistic treatment of a Sports Injury, there is a need to investigate the yin and yang of the body.

A motor point is the connecting point of the motor nerve to the muscles. The motor nerves transfer signals to the muscles when a when not to contrast. When the muscle is hurt, the signal can be contradictory making muscles to be overstretched or shortened which makes the experience to be painful. The release of the trigger points needs also need to be followed by the needling of the muscle motor points for the proper transfer of signals and functioning of the muscles.

The needling of the motor point intervenes on the motor nerve and modifies the muscle spindles, making tight muscles relax and a weak muscle stronger as the need arises.


The most important element in the Sports Injuries Acupuncture treatment of a sportsperson is to balance the energy in the body system. It is necessary for these imbalances to be well diagnosed and design an appropriate treatment plan that will meet the balancing need of an athlete. This unique treatment given to each person will bring about the speedy recovery needed and make the body function to the best of its ability per time. Vital signs should be watched in the body to prevent early signs of sports injury fester long before halting vital activities that affect and cripples sporting activities.

Acupuncture for Sports Injuries  in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic led by one of the most experienced holistic practitioners nationwide Victor Tsan,  MD provides treatment for sports injuries. Our licensed acupuncturists have strong academic and clinical experience in this area of medicine and use most effective techniques: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), electric acupuncture, ear acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and meridian massage.