Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic is a holistic medical center that provides healing based on the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine represents various strategies and techniques developed almost 5000 years ago in ancient China. One of the most popular treatment techniques of traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture. Patients and doctors worldwide, including those in the US, officially recognize this technique. Acupuncture is often used with another Chinese method – herbal medicine, and this combination of healing tactics significantly increases its effectiveness.

Our Mission: 

Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic offers reasonably priced treatments for individuals and families. Acupuncture treatment works better when it is performed often and repeatedly, so the Clinic is open six days a week from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Announcement from the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic is proud to announce that an internationally recognized specialist in holistic, alternative, and integrative medicine, Victor Tsan, MD, has accepted the position of Medical Director of the clinic. Dr. Tsan will assume his new role on Monday, October 12, 2015. Dr. Tsan joins us after nearly 20 years at Viva Healthy Life, where he has been its Medical Director since 2005. His leadership preference is to work within a team setting to provide quality alternative care and acupuncture treatment, particularly for clients.

Dr. Tsan Joins the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Dr. Tsan has broad experience administering health plan development across healthcare initiatives that are also key to Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic, such as physical health expansion, integration with Regional Care Collaborative Organizations (RCCO), healthcare reorganization setting, the progression of integrated care clinics, and approaches for increasing admittance. Recent accomplishments under Dr. Tsan’s leadership include increasing clinic capacity to meet growing demand, establishment of internal homeopathic and herbal pharmacies, implementation of electronic health records, expansion of telemedicine packages, and fruitful Joint Commission audits.

Dr. Tsan accepts the position of Medical Director of the Clinic.

Acupuncture treatment performed by Dr Tsan

“I am fascinated with the solid foundation of recovery-focused care I have witnessed at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic,” Dr. Tsan summarizes. “As a specialist in integrative medicine, I have worked within the concept of flexibility as a strength for emerging wellness. In my experience, a system of care grounded in viewpoints of pliability and reclamation provides our clients optimism and the opportunity to reach and intensify personalized wellness targets. I am excited to join the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic to further the organization’s strategic goals. My priorities are getting familiar with the staff individually and becoming a solid fit with the group.” Prior to Viva Healthy Life, Dr. Tsan was the Acting Chief at a clinical hypnotherapy center in King of Prussia, PA, where he provided Neuro-Linguistic Programming services to patients with different forms of emotional instability. He earned his M.D. at the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau, Moldova, USSR. His residency was at the 1st Moscow State College of Medicine Moscow, USSR, where he completed both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Clinical Hypnotherapy residencies. Dr. Tsan and his wife, Nellie, have one daughter, Tatyana, and twin grandsons, David and Dante, and have resided in Pennsylvania for over 30 years.


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