Auricular Acupuncture Prevents and Treats Variety of Disorders

Auricular Acupuncture press needles

Auricular acupuncture

For understanding the auricular acupuncture, we first need to know what acupuncture is. It is a technique of using the needles at pressure points for treating the health conditions. In auricular acupuncture, thin needles are used for controlling the pain in war. By using the technique of acupuncture on-ear, a lot of other health issues can be treated as well which may or may not be related to the ear.

The acupuncture technique is used in different parts of the body. The Auricular or ear acupuncture is considered significant because of its wide-area expertise on the human body. By using this treatment, the pressure points of different particular parts of the body are stimulated. Due to the simulations, the healing can be promoted. That is why it is given huge importance in the field of health. Ear acupuncture is very soothing. Once you get treated by it, it will no less than a marijuana addiction. The calmness and soothing effects are remarkable and are thus widely accepted by the people worldwide.

Origin of Auricular Acupuncture

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The ear acupuncture was first originated from a French Scientist. He used it as a way of treating different health conditions that may affect human beings. This technique also is based on the Chinese way of treating diseased conditions.

For using the technique of ear acupuncture, the microneedles are inserted in different parts of the ear. These parts are determined priorly so that they may act right on the desired locations. The ear is considered a map for the whole body. It shows there are a lot of pressure points in the ear. Dealing with the pressure points may help in dealing with the disease in a particular area of the body.

Health Benefits of auricular acupuncture

The acupuncture treatment can be used to a wide area for relieving the pain and calming down the mind. Also, it helps in the indication of different allergies and other diseases that may be infectious.

Indication for diseases associated with pain.

Using the acupuncture can help in stopping the pain. Some people might be thinking about how can needles stop the pain. The needles are inserted to special points in the body where there are no pain receptors. So, at these special points, they help in the treatment of the pain and helps the person become calmer. The acupuncture technique can help with cuts broken bones, dislocated bones. Not just that it helps treating the pain of people with traumatic conditions but also that of other diseases like appendix, tonsils and more. Persons suffering from nervous disorders like that of migraine, sciatica and herpes zoster can also count on the amazing pain-relieving treatment of acupuncture.

Indication for diseases associated with communication problems

Auricular acupuncture protocol

Infectious or communicable disease are very difficult to deal with. Some of them cause swelling or inflammation as well. In such a condition of distress, auricular acupuncture can help a person a lot in the reduction of swelling and pain as well.

Indication for endocrinal disorders

The endocrine system is prone to several diseases as well. Diseases like obesity, menopause, menstrual disorders and more can have harmful effects on the human body. The ear acupuncture can be used herein such cases as well. Note that it helps with infertility as well.


Indication for allergies

Allergies can be very problematic. Some of them are seasonal while some remain with the people throughout their lives. Different treatments can be obtained for the treatment of allergies. One of them is ear acupuncture as well. It plays a huge role in the treatment of asthma, sinus, purpura and more. Allergic diseases can be treated through the acupuncture as it plays 犀利士
a role in stimulating the immune system which ultimately results in the reduction of the diseased conditions.

This is not all. There are several other chronic and epidemic diseases for which the acupuncture plays a significant role in pain reduction.

Is ear acupuncture safe to use?

Auricular acupuncture procedure

There is no doubt in the fact that ear acupuncture is a safe technique. There is no complexity. The microneedles are used for the treatment and are considered a very effective treatment for pain reduction and other diseases. Lack of education is keeping the people away from getting benefited from such an effective way of treating a huge number of diseases. If you are facing the same, you should count on this remarkable technique with no side effects.

One more thing, always make sure that you take the help of bets physicians for such treatments. They are very crucial to handle. So, it would be better to take the help of experts for such tasks.

Auricular acupuncture in Philadelphia

At the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic under the straight supervision of Victor Tsan, MD the team of acupuncturists perform different techniques including auricular acupuncture. Shunwei Wang, LAc graduated one of the most prestigious acupuncture school in China and has 20 years of experience in the field.

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