Acupuncture To Quit Smoking By Victor Tsan, MD At Acupuncture Philadelphia

Acupuncture To Quit Smoking is effective and harmless treatment. Acupuncture is fast becoming popular in modern medicine. Although scientists are yet to grasp a full understanding of how it works, numerous scientific studies show that it actually works for all kind of pains. In addition to that, studies have started showing that acupuncture can work for many other illnesses like mental issues for example. A lot of doctors have started using acupuncture as a way to complement their medical practices, especially in cases for back pains related to pregnancy. Pain is a quite common phenomenon. Every “relatively normal” person has experienced physical pain at one time or another.

However, some drugs used for pains like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have the tendency to be harmful to the baby at some stages of pregnancy (the third trimester especially). In addition to this, some other painkillers like opioids can be addictive. In order to get rid of pains while avoiding these unwanted side effects, doctors may prefer to combine acupuncture with conventional medicine. Now let’s talk more about how acupuncture works and how we at the Philadelphia acupuncture clinic work towards giving you the best quality acupuncture you can get anywhere.

Acupuncture To Quit Smoking

Acupuncture To Quit Smoking Philadelphia:

The Philadelphia acupuncture clinic offers premium quality services in acupuncture. Acupuncture is a science as much as it is an art. You do not just go jabbing needles randomly in the body and all that. There are some special points in the body called channels and meridians which can stimulate energy flow in the body called Qi. If your Qi is not balanced, then there will be a tendency for you to fall sick or have health problems. Special techniques involving inserting, twisting or manipulating needles on these meridians and channels will help improve the flow of Qi and by extension improve your health. Acupuncture improves pain in many conditions without the side effects of conventional painkillers like addiction, worsening of ulcer and risks in pregnancy.

#000000;”>However, just like any medical procedure or drug, acupuncture has its own risks. There is are significant risks of transmitting blood-borne infections (like hepatitis B or HIV) and damaging your nerves due to wrong acupuncture techniques. If you are worried about this, then you may not want to go for any surgery or receive any injection ever again because the risks are more or less the same as acupuncture. The point is these risks depends more on the acupuncturist than the procedure itself. The same as the risks of taking an injection or doing a surgery – it is more about the doctor than the procedure itself.

That’s why at Philadelphia acupuncture clinic, we have trained acupuncturists which combine good hygiene with proper acupuncture techniques so you do not ever have to worry about damaged nerves or you getting infections. In addition to that, we make sure our acupuncturists are certified and have the right credentials for practice so you are sure of getting the best acupuncture practice at Philadelphia acupuncture clinic. And of course, we use only disposable needles and other acupuncture tools.

Our Acupuncture services:

Acupuncture is not just restricted to pain but can be used for a lot of things. Acupuncture is very useful alone or in combination with a host of other therapies in the treatment of pain in all areas of the body, mental issues like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and acupuncture for people who want to quit smoking. You may be quite surprised at the use of Acupuncture To Quit Smoking. A study by He D (2001) titled “Effect of acupuncture on smoking cessation or reduction: an 8-month and 5-year follow-up study” found out that acupuncture reduced smoking significantly. People who used acupuncture reported that they had a lesser desire for smoking cigarettes. Yes, the study is quite old, but it is still valid (even scholars take references from old studies once in a while).  

At Philadelphia acupuncture clinic, most of our patients have good experiences with our acupuncture methods. Those who are afraid of needles quickly learn that the needles are not as painful as they thought and get acquainted with the needles fairly easily. In our smoking cessation clinic, we combine acupuncture with hypnotherapy and homeopathic therapy to give you the best out of your smoking cessation therapy. We also have many good testimonials from our patients and you can always contact us for more information and details.

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