Low libido in women

Low libido in women is a well-known disorder. In recent years the dramatic increase has been seen in the low desire for sex in women and if we compare between men and women you can see that is a huge  difference in the ratio. In a recent study by American Medical Association they have found out that  millions of American females are suffering from sexual arousal disorder and if you take this study to Global level, the number can be huge.

Low libidoAcupuncture is regarded as most phenomenal technique for improving lagging libido in women. But before going into details of acupuncture we first have to find the major reasons that cause low libido in women, then this technique will be more easy to understand.

Despite the fact that many females have no issue in getting orgasm, their desire or drive for sex is hard to turn on. Though in some cases the lack of libido is temporary and with time they get over it so fortunately they easy get back of their normal sexual routines. There is another study conducted to find out the reasons of lack of libido in women in which they found out some astonishing factors. Some women don’t want to get back to rampage sexual activities. But the major thing that we have to focus on is, what are the  reasons that cause lack of libido in women in first place. In some women, the low libido is due to physical inefficiency and other physical disorders. while for some it results from Psychological causes. If you look on both of these causes that result in low libido you will get an idea of why the numbers have increased numerously.

Low libido in women Due to physical causes:

In fast moving world where time is priceless, the thing which is getting  most  compromised is our diet plans. Many people moving toward ineffective diet plan and have no regular eating patterns. It results in many physical deficiencies and one of the major issues which are coming on notice due to these improper eating habits are low libido in women.

The other major cause that is widely recognized as one of the popular issues in the physical category is Anaemia, which causes excessive discharge of iron in periods.

If we discuss a lack of balance in diet plans it causes many people become victims of serious diseases like cancer and sugar, which turn out to cause low libido in women.

After childbirth, there are certain hormonal changes that happen in post-childbirth so also, consider by many as a reason of low libido, while linking to childbirth the trauma that women go through this process also play a major role in the lack of sex drive.

Sleep disorders are also linked sexual arousal disorder and especially in cases where women take sleeping medicines.

The other factor that causes sexual disorder in women though is a physical disorder and considered to be very rare is Hyperprolactinaemia, in which the pituitary gland is overactive.

These are some of the major physical factors that cause low libido in women though they are not the only but the most often found causes. Now if you move further you would see how Psychological factors cause low libido in women.

Low libido in women Due to Psychological causes:

In this world, most of the people are victims of some kind of depression, unsuccessful marriage, lack of job satisfactions, financial issues, long working hours. All these are factor plays major role is causing depression and lack of lust. If women are addicted to Alcohol or any form of drugs, it will not be a surprise for them to have a lagging libido.

Anxiety and past sexual abuse or rape  also results in low libido in women. Though one which is also very common and just not cause low libido but failed marriages are serious issues with partners, though in this case their women doesn’t fully loose their sexual desire but the become more satisfy in living alone.

These are few major issues that is being which are serious factors is causing low libido for women. Though now we are on verge of how we can cure the lack of sexual desires is a proper and effective manner . There are many technique medicine and therapies out there that helps to improve your lagging libido, But the most effective process which we highlight here is acupuncture. Acupuncture with Chinese herbs are to be one the most widely used and effective way of increase sexual desires in men and women and it  is not something new discovered, Chinese are using this technique from many centuries to enhance optimal performance in sexual desires. Once you find the cause of the problem exactly what are specific reasons that causing low libido, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be very beneficial in sure this disorder, because it is developed in such a way to solve just the problem but to find the roots  and heal it from there not just branches. Low libido is considered as imbalance of Qi( energy) especially in kidney and heart. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs combine synergistically to activate and improve female sexual pleasure as well as phenomenally arouse orgasmic strength.  most widely recognized  advantage of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is the low risk of adverse reaction or side effects.

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