Infertility – symptom, not a disease.

Infertility is considered one of the most recurrent issues today. The statistics say that around 50 per cent of Infertility cases are linked to a Infertilityproblem that a woman has while 20 percent are linked to something the man experiences. Hence, Infertility is considered as one of the main difficulties a couple can go through and it is said it happens due to the stressful lives we have. Also, unbalanced diets and little to none workout, encourage the appearance of this problem. Depending on the type of the Infertility the couple experiences, there are some alternative medicine practices that can improve their odds of conceiving. One of them is acupuncture. Acupuncture is all about inserting small needles into specific areas of our body.

What type of Infertility does Acupuncture treat?

Infertility can be triggered by various causes. Acupuncture adapts in front of these causes and it is able to diminish the symptoms and to improve the chances of conceiving. Moreover, it can deal with the most recurrent cases like tube blockages or underactive or overactive thyroid. It was proved to be effective in those particular cases when no specific cause can be linked to the Infertility`s appearance.

This practice determines the body to produce and release beta endorphins. These hormones are responsible for the appearance of both follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones. Also, acupuncture is great for deeper relaxation due to the fact that it deals with elevated stress levels. There were made various studies that show the fact that women who did acupuncture were able to conceive faster than those that did not.

The main causes of Infertility in women are hormonal unbalances, the impossibility of developing mature eggs, damaged ovaries, follicle dysfunction, premature menopause, endometriosis and ectopic pregnancies. When it comes to men, the common causes include sperm production issues, sexual problems, and sperm antibodies. Acupuncture is the practice that can diminish those symptoms and can improve the chances of conceiving a child.

How does acupuncture boost fertility?

An acupuncturist will analyze your medical history and will decide how to improve your energy flow. In the case of fertility, this practice focuses on the following facts. First of all, it will balance hormone functions, which will increase the chances of conceiving. Furthermore, the blood flow will be redirected towards the ovaries and the uterus. This will allow the muscles in the area to relax and will boost fertility`s levels. An interesting fact about acupuncture is that it can deal with the polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS is considered the primary cause of Infertility in women worldwide.

In the case of men, acupuncture boosts sperm motility along with testosterone levels. This leads to an improved environment in which the sperm is produced and stored.

What acupuncturist to choose for infertility treatment?

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Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic focuses on offering the most qualitative services to patients. Everyone is treated with professionalism and respect while their problems are dealt with. This is the main reason why more and more people turn towards the services provided by this center. This type of alternative medicine is meant to deal with elevated stress levels in order to improve life`s quality. Moreover, various diseases can be dealt with only through the right channeling of the energy.