Treatment for Chronic Fatigue – Homeopathy and Acupuncture

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue is the condition that nowadays physicians see too often in their practice. In case you feel extremely exhausted even after doing a less rigorous physical activity, or waking up already weak, having pains in joints and muscles, you may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Since CFS is the syndrome and not the disease, you may need to consult a doctor to ascertain the nature of your condition.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS is a complex disorder that is characterized by severe fatigue that is not abated by bed rest and adversely affects day to day activities. CFS results to lowered activity in the patient which contradicts the former activeness of the sufferer before the onset of illness. Even though the cause of CFS is unknown, researchers do suspect a virus of which it is not still certain.

A person must have experienced Chronic Fatigue for an extended period of six months for such to be termed a CFS patient

Causes of Chronic Fatigue

In spite of not finding a definite cause of CFS, researchers have come up with likely causes of CFS.

Hormonal Imbalances

Abnormality of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal is a possible cause of CFS as patients show a high level of the neurotransmitter serotonin and lower level of dopamine or imbalances of the two. Some other patients show a low level of cortisol which is responsible for coping with stress. These hormonal imbalances can be responsible for CFS.


Research shows that Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6)  can cause CFS and since HHV-6 genome can be passed from parent to child, leading to CIHHV-6, it proves the fact that CFS can be hereditary.


When the communication between the brain and the heart is abnormal, there could be a resultant Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Physical activities that require the brain to pass signals to the heart to pump blood to body parts to be engaged in the physical movement are hampered, and this leads to makes the patient feel dizzy or even faint.


There are viral infections that can lead to CFS as side effects. The common of these infections is the HHV-6 virus. Other infections include Chlamydia pneumonia, mycoplasmal infections, and Parainfluenza Virus-5.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue

The symptoms of CFS are similar to some other disease, and it can be confused for some other ailment. The symptom of CFS is primarily extreme fatigue which could be immediately or delayed after any activity. How long the effect will last can vary from 24hours to months depending on the severity of the activity carried out. Other symptoms are mood swing, irritability, cognitive impairment, non-restorative sleep, aches and pains around the joints, sore throat, inflammation of the lymph nodes and severe headache. Complication of these could lead to complete system shutdown.

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is important to note that not all extreme fatigue is CFS as extreme fatigue can also be as result f untreated or undiagnosed medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, narcolepsy, sleep apnea or a side effect of drugs taken. Also, untreated hepatitis B or C could result in fatigue and the same goes for bipolar disorder, dementia, anorexia nervosa all could be responsible for Chronic Fatigue. Obesity and alcohol abuse could be responsible also.

To rule out these similarities of the symptoms, it is necessary to consult a medical practitioner for an accurate diagnosis so as to avoid wrong treatment. Also, the treatment that will be effective can vary from person to person and so the need for seeking help from the right profession.

Homeopathy and Acupuncture Treatment for Chronic Fatigue

There are many treatment options for Chronic Fatigue disorder, and we will be considering two alternative treatments that are effective its treatment.


Homeopathy is found to be effective in the treatment of CFS. Arsenicum is effective for restlessness and fatigue that comes along with a burning and at the same time chilling pains that are aggravated at night time. Gelsemium helps in treating signs of mental exhaustion while Pulsatilla and Ssulfur treat moodiness and fatigue.


Acupuncture coupled with moxibustion is an effective treatment for CFS. Fine needles combined with heat therapy in the form of moxibustion are applied to stimulate certain points of the body to strengthen the immune system. The effectiveness of this treatment depends mainly on the professionalism of the care giver t be able to administer the right herb to make treatment successful. This applies to both the homeopathy and acupuncture treatment. The two treatments can be combined for better recovery and effectiveness.

Chronic Fatigue treatment at the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic and Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic – the divisions of the Viva Healthy Life Holistic Center led by medical doctor Victor Tsan developed the new alternative approach to the healing of the CFS. The combination of acupuncture and homeopathy is the most effective approach and it makes the success rate of this treatment is above 90%.

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