Acupuncture for vertigo

Acupuncture for vertigo can bring you back to life when lightheadedness converted it to a living hell. If you are suffering from wooziness or unsteadiness, you are not a stranger to the sensation of the biosphere spiraling around you, instability, and even seasickness accompanying this dejected state.

Acupuncture for vertigo – ancient Chinese treatment.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, vertigo is due to a Yin deficiency in the body. There are different etiological factors that can cause this condition, so during your first acupuncture session your acupuncturist will assess and pinpoint where the Yin deficiency is coming from. For example, Emotional Acupuncture for Vertigodepression or anger can damage certain parts of the body and result in a certain imbalance in the body causing vertigo. This ailment is what acupuncturists call “the rise of liver yang or wind”. Extended illness, stress, anxiety, or weak heart and spleen can cause deficiency of Yin energy and blood supply to the brain which can also cause certain types of vertigo and dizziness. Too much sexual activity, extended illness, or aging can lead to deficiency of kidney activity which can also cause vertigo. Basically all cases will involve complex eastern medical diagnosis which we label as wind, fire, phlegm, or deficiency.

Acupuncture for vertigo – self-treatment

For thousands of years, the Chinese have relied on acupuncture to naturally treat a tremendous array of health complaints. You don’t need needles or any equipment to gently stimulate the points yourself with acupressure instead of acupuncture. A common acupoint that people learn to self-treat in China for symptoms of nausea, including vertigo, motion sickness and morning sickness, is a point located on the inside of the wrist. It is at a very accessible location and is a safe and wonderful point to use for naturally treating complaints related to nauseousness. If you are under medical care or have the aforementioned symptoms, please get clearance from your physician before using these points.

The effectiveness of acupuncture for vertigo.

Acupuncture for vertigo can be very effective, although success with acupuncture for vertigo alone eludes many western physicians. More effective results, according to their opinion can be obtained when using Chinese herbal formulas or homeopathic remedies, however.

However, according to clinical studies, performed by different medical schools in US and Worldwide acupuncture for vertigo alone is highly effective and is a good substitution to pharmaceutical drug.

Pathophysiology of vertigo and Mechanism of acupuncture for vertigo healing.

In modern medicine there are a few different types of vertigo, but there are three main types.

  • The first one is being the objective vertigo, which consists of the patient having the sensation that the environment around is moving. This is generally the most common kind, and can be treated relatively easily if the condition has not progressed to a much heightened state.
  • The second type of vertigo and dizziness is subjective vertigo which consists of the patient feeling as if he or she is moving. This type of vertigo is also common and its treatment is slightly more difficult.
  • Lastly, the third type is the pseudo-vertigo which is a sensation of rotation inside the patient’s head. Treating this type of vertigo can be tougher than other types but definitely doable.

Who can perform acupuncture for vertigo?

With vertigo there are many different types of treatment. One main type of treatment that works very well is acupuncture for vertigo. It has been shown through years of research that acupuncture for vertigo can treat all three different types of the disorder listed above very well. Having acupuncture for vertigo regularly by an experienced acupuncturist can expressively improve one’s vertigo or dizziness.

Acupuncture for vertigo treatments that are geared towards treating vertigo by a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner have certain guidelines that undoubtedly need to be followed by the patient. Patients receiving treatments of acupuncture for vertigo usually have to receive consistent treatment for 6 to 10 weeks depending on the severity of their condition. Treatments must be conducted two to three times per week, again depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.

While acupuncture for vertigo is one of the most efficient treatments make sure your acupuncturist is professional enough and experienced in treatment of similar conditions. At Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic we believe that serious diseases should be treated my medical doctors who are trained in acupuncture.

Victor Tsan, MD, medical director of the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic uses acupuncture in his daily practice since he graduated medical school in 1976. Based on his expertise in Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine he is able to match ancient eastern diagnosis with modern traditional and create a treatment plan and protocol appropriately. All acupuncturists at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic work under Dr. Tsan’s supervision and based on his case management for each particular patient.

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