Acupuncture for asthma

Acupuncture for bronchial asthma

Acupuncture for Asthma is one of the most popular treatment choices. Acupuncture is a medical practice with Chinese origin that is gradually gaining wide acceptance as its application is effective in treating virtually all ailments. One of such ailments is asthma also regarded as xiao chuan in Chinese medicine, and these two Chinese words mean wheezing and dyspnoea respectively.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, these two words represent two different Acupuncture for asthmaillnesses, and they require individual treatments. Xiao known as wheezing comes in the form of whistling sound and accompanied by increased breathing rate, and the inability to rest in a horizontal position. Chuan, which is shortness of breath, is characterized by dyspnoea which shows in the form of raised shoulder walking posture, opening of mouth to grasp for air as a way of aiding air intake when breathing and also the inability to sleep horizontally.

In TCM, asthma is considered similar to other respiratory infections where external pathogens invade the lung which also affects the kidney and spleen. When allowed to progress, asthma can become a chronic illness that can get bad to the point of affecting the heart.

According to etiology, an asthma attack may be triggered by certain factors such as external pathogens, diet, emotional imbalance or shock and congenital weakness. Also in diagnosis, one of these syndromes is seen as the cause of asthma which includes, retention of phlegm-heat inside the lung, retention of cold-fluid inside lung, asthenia of lung and kidney yin, asthenia of spleen and lung Qi and asthenia of heart and kidney yang.

Acupuncture for Asthma – treatment of choice

Acupuncture treatment for bronchial asthma involves a direct method to treat the ailments by using a holistic approach that eliminates not only the associated symptoms of asthma but strives towards achieving an all-round healthy well-being of the patients.

TCM considers asthma as a disorder of not only the lungs but also of the kidney and stomach. The acupoints for the acupuncture for asthma are located along the meridian of the lung, kidney, and stomach. It also includes the meridian of the bladder considering the importance of the bladder to other parts of the human body. The energy blocks around these acupoints are corrected through the help of acupuncture leading to the free flow of energy and these organs and the restoration of a healthy life.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers asthma as one of the 40 diseases that may benefit from acupuncture. It is most effective when used in the treatment of early attacks of asthma before it turns into a chronic condition. A study showed an improvement in 70% patients suffering asthma after being treated with acupuncture for asthma for ten weeks on a regular basis. Another study in China showed a significant improvement in 75% of patients treated with acupuncture and also recorded a sharp drop in clinical remission. This development recorded as a result acupuncture treatment was traced to the duration the needle was left inserted. Patients that showed immediate positive improvement upon receiving treatments were observed to possess long term curative effects.

Are there side effects caused by acupuncture for asthma?

Even though acupuncture for asthma known as safe to a greater extent, it does not imply that it is 100% safe. It remains a safe treatment if certain precautions are adhered to while taking the treatment.

The main precaution is to ensure treatment is administered by a qualified profession who adheres strictly to the ethics of the practice. For instance, one of the common risks is blood infection, and this can be avoided if the administration of the treatment is done in a safe manner. This safety procedure will rule out the possibility of a patient been infected with hepatitis, HIV or other blood-related infection due to contaminated needles used for acupuncture.

Side effects that come with the treatment include fatigue which can be overcome with adequate rest. It may be necessary you inform your acupuncturist if you have an issue with needles so he can offer advice and assistance where necessary. The muscle may also twitch during a treatment procedure, and muscle spasm may cause a little pain in some cases. It is a typical reaction and no reason to panic, but you can inform the acupuncturist how you feel.

The Bottom Line is to choose your care center meticulously because it guarantees what you get from the treatment on the long run and secure you from avoidable mistakes.

Why Choose Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic?

The procedure of acupuncture for bronchial asthma is a sensitive treatment that must be administered by a qualified acupuncturist of repute. Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic offers you not only a comprehensive diagnosis of your condition looking into the causative factors but also the curative acupuncture treatment that fit the exact type of asthma that is peculiar to each patient.

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