Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic is the holistic medical center situated in the central region of the North East part of Philadelphia on a shopping plaza close to the public transportation. Acupuncture Clinic is rapidly becoming the best prominent integrative medicine organization in the city. Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cupping therapy, reiki, homeopathy and hypnotherapy in this clinic provided by the best specialists who work at Acupuncture Clinic and serving patients with the most natural and effective healing techniques.

Acupuncture Philadelphia

For almost five thousand years acupuncture has been recognized as one of the most effective natural treatments for a wide range of medical problems. Besides its curing effect, acupuncture brings health and longevity in every patient. Using its special ability to balance internal body energy (Qi) acupuncture saved a life for billions of individuals around the world and today most experienced and nationally recognized acupuncturists got together under the roof of Acupuncture Clinic to bring their professional services to thousands of Philadelphians.
Traditional Chinese Medicine developed a philosophy of 5 elements and energy balancing is the principal specialty here at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic; however, we combine it with the natural power homeopathy and emotional programming of hypnotherapy for best results and maximum effectiveness.

What is so special about Acupuncture Philadelphia

We are proud that thousands of our patients testified positive results of treatment and recommended our services on Google+, RateMDs, OpenCare and YellowPages. Most of our patients referred to us by their friends and family members who already had been treated at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic. While a big percent of the people are doubtful of acupuncture effectiveness this method becomes more and more popular amongst patients and physicians.  Some people are fearful of needles and believe that the needles may result in pain. However, these individuals who appeared to be “heroic” enough to try this method end up acquiring the rewards in the form of great health and happy life.

The people who got Acupuncture treatment Near me at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic report that acupuncture is absolutely painless and that after every single acupuncture treatment they feel relaxation and rejuvenation of the whole body along with the diminishing of major symptoms of their diseases. The acupuncture reinstates harmony on the corporeal and mental aspects, letting people be physically active and emotionally stable.

My name is Victor Tsan, I’m a Medical Director of the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic and I want to convey to those who are terrified by the method that assumes inserting needles in a skin, “Don’t be fearful; the acupuncture is not painful at all; all it does – it brings you back to better and contented life”. The Chinese and Japanese needles that we use at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic are about as thin as a human hair and the technique we use to insert these needles into human body guarantee painless procedures even for people with the high sensitivity of the skin. In exchange, acupuncture improves patients’ health condition tremendously and fast.

Best Acupuncture Near Me – Most Advanced Acupuncture Facility

The team of two acupuncturists at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic represents two major different schools of this ancient healing method – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Acupuncture. Both of them developed based on the same oriental philosophy of human anatomy and physiology and use generally the same diagnostic approaches. The difference is in the invention of electrical, laser, magnetic and other stimulations by the Modern school contrary to use of needles made of gold and silver in Traditional school. However, at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic all these techniques used along depending on patients’ condition and treatment requirements.

Acupuncture Treatment

Sometimes we are receiving calls from people who ask if we provide Cold Laser treatment, Ear Acupuncture, Moxibustion, etc. The answer is always YES because at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic everything that is known in acupuncture available for our patients. We never charge any additional fee for more complicated procedures, for gold needles, for lasers. This is not a luxury treatment, this is just a treatment that patient’s condition requires and our patients receive it for the same price. We don’t charge based on the number of needles inserted or based on the time the procedure takes. For some diseases, the length of procedure could be five minutes and for some hour and a half and it does not increase the professional fees we charge.

One more very important policy at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic: If by any chance our patient is not satisfied with the first procedure and wants to terminate this treatment he has to inform us immediately after the session and we will not charge for the service provided. We want to make sure that ALL patients at Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic are completely satisfied with our services. No payments upfront, no hassles, no overcharges. We are here to treat and to make our patients healthy and happy.

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